September Government Affairs & Hammer and Nails Meeting

  • September 10, 2019
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Dunaway Associates- 550 Bailey Ave. Ste. 400


  • Provides lunch for 12 months - exclusive
  • Recognition for one year as Underwriter at Events, meetings, online, etc.
  • Provides lunch for current month

Registration is closed
Regular monthly meeting of the Hammer and Nails PAC and the GFWBA Government Affairs Committee.

Government Affairs Underwriters


1.  Lunch is provided by a monthly Government Affairs Meeting Partner.  To become a Meeting Partner for one meeting:  $200.  To become the Government Affairs Meeting Partner (Exclusive) for 12 months:  $2000 per year.  

Each monthly Meeting Partner can address the group for 2-3 minutes before lunch and provide promotional materials to the group. 

2.  If there is a Government Affairs Meeting Partner ($2000 for all 12 months), there will be no monthly partner.  The GA Meeting Partner will be entitled to provide promotional materials as each regularly scheduled monthly meeting and have their logo featured on the website for each listing of the Government Affairs meetings for 12 months.

3.  Government Affairs Underwriter:  $2500 per year.

Listing on meeting notices as Government Affairs Underwriter.

Acknowledgement at Government Affairs Events.

Opportunity to address the Government Affairs Committee at a monthly meeting.


Have your voice be heard.

Join the Hammer & Nails Political Action Committee (PAC) today!!!


What is the PAC?


The PAC is an important element of GFWBA’s government affairs program, and is the political voice for the greater Fort Worth home building industry.  The purpose of the Hammer & Nails PAC is to contribute money to local and state candidates who understand and support the efforts of the building industry, and organize effective political action on behalf of our members.


You can have a voice in electing candidates that support the building industry.  For a minimum $100 membership contribution per year, you can be a part of the Hammer & Nails PAC.  


Make sure the Hammer & Nails PAC speaks for you!  Don’t miss your opportunity to have a voice in electing candidates that support the building industry. 

Corporate Contributions - corporate contributions are used to pay for events that raise funds for local and state candidates

$250 Corporate Bronze Key

$500 Corporate Silver Key

$1000 Corporate Gold Key

Personal Contributions - contributions to local and state candidates who support the efforts of the building industry.

$250 Bronze Key

$500 Silver Key

$1000 Gold Key

$100 General Membership

Contact Kimberly to join the Hammer and Nails PAC as a Key Member.

100 E. 15th Street, Suite 600

Fort Worth, Texas 76102

PHONE:  817-284-3566  |    FAX: 817-284-6465



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