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Chartered in 1945 as an affiliated local association of the National Association of Homebuilders, the Greater Fort Worth Builders Association has continued serving as the voice of the housing industry while promoting and protecting the interests of our members and consumers alike.

The Greater Fort Worth Builders Association is a not for profit trade association that has been granted tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(6) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.
Our Builder members are engaged in single and multi-family building, land development, remodeling, and general light construction. Our Associate members are subcontractors, sales and marketing specialists, architects, interior designers, title and settlement experts, lawyers, people in the financial services industry, product suppliers and manufacturers, and many more who are essential to the challenging task of providing housing for a growing population.

The association is governed by an elected Board of Directors which directs policies and operations of the Association according to its Bylaws. An Executive Committee is the policy, finance, and steering committee of the Association and oversees affairs of the Association.

A professional staff is retained to implement Association policies and to carry out the work of the Association; major elements of which are governmental and community relations, education and training, meetings and programs, administration of Association business affairs, management aids and materials, and many other membership services.
Currently the Association has a seven county jurisdiction which includes Tarrant, Johnson, Hood, Wise, Parker, Somervell, and Palo Pinto.


1945 – The “Fort Worth Builders Association” was formed with $750 in the bank and 200 members.
1945 – A.C. Luther is first President of the Association
1948 – NAHB (formed in 1943) hosds its first regional conference in Fort Worth
1950 – Association hires its first part-time staff
1951 – Fort Worth’s first New Home Tour is held and featured 21 homes
1954 – Dick Hughes named NAHB President; GFWBA publishes Texas Home Magazine
1955 – A.A. Jackson named first Builder of the Year; Ratikan Title Company named first Associate of the Year
1956 – Texas Home Magazine renamed Fort Worth Home Builder; Association purchases offices at 104 Allen Street
1958 – Association establishes construction management program at TCU
1959 – Larry Blackmon named TAB President
1960 – Association celebrates 15th Anniversary with 269 members; Name changed to “Home Builders Association of Fort Worth & Tarrant County”
1961 – Association jurisdiction grows to include Johnson, Hood, Parker, Palo Pinto and Wise counties; “Home Builder” wins national award
1962 – 50,000 attend “Kaleidoscope of Homes” featuring 112 homes
1964 – Membership at 300 and first independent membership directory is printed
1965 – Association celebrates 20th Anniversary; New logo introduced
1966 – Larry Blackmon becomes NAHB President; Association receives Grand Award and Merit Award for membership
1967 – M.D. Buchanan become TAB President; Walt Nelson named Executive Officer
1968 – “Home” dropped from name, making officer new name “Builders Associaiton of Fort Worth & Tarrant County”
1969 – Association sells office building and moves to White Lakes Hills
1970 – 25th Anniversary; Articles of Incorporation restated from “50 Years” to “Perpetual”; Rene Adams named Executive Officer
1971 – Association receives membership awards; membership reaches 400; Brentwood Stair Road site selected for new office building
1973 – Association completes construction on Brentwood Stair Road offices and moves in
1974 – Herman J. Smith becomes TAB President; “Know Your Builder” bumper sticker campaign
1975 – Membership reaches 800; “Home Owners Warranty” (HOW) program approved; Joe Driskell named honorary Builder of the Year
1976 – 225 Builders join HOW; Association wins national membership awards
1977 – Golden Hammers awarded to all Past Presidents; Membership reached 1,125 and earns national awards
1978 – R. C. Findlay named TAB President; Rene Adams named President NAHB Executive Officers Council
1979 – Membership tops 1,500
1980 – Association wins two NAHB Grand Awards for membership
1981 – Herman J. Smith named NAHB President; Membership reaches 1,744
1983 – TAB hosts first Legislative Rally Day
1984 – Brentwood Stair Road offices expanded; Membership at 2,187
1985 – Membership 2,365; Associates Night draws 4,753; Womens Auxillary is largest in Nation
1986 – Associates night sets record attendance at 5,055; Ground is broken on Women’s Haven Shelter
1987 – Herman J. Smith inducted into Housing Hall of Honor
1988 – J. B. Sandlin installed as TAB President; “Kaleidoscope of Homes” name resurrected for 1962 show and hosts 10 builders
1989 – First BuildPAC golf tournament held; Colleyville lawsuit settled
1990 – Patsy Garner serves as NAHB Convention Chair; Becky Oliver named NAHB Associate of the Year
1991 – Arelyn Cox installed as TAB President; Fourth “Kaleidoscope of Homes” hosts 13 builders; Spring Tour of Homes launched; Rene Adams retires
1992 – Jerry Eisner named Executive Officer
1993 – Ron Formby installed as TAB President; “Kaleidoscope of Homes” features first Smart House in the nation; 159 homes in Spring Tour of Homes
1994 – Builders Roundtables meetings are established
1995 – Herman Smith Memorial and National Housing Endowment created; Herman J. Smith Legend award created; Diamond Award created
1996 – J. B. Sandlin awarded Herman J. Smith Legend Award; Association receives Katie Sherrod Award in recognition for charity house fundraiser
1997 – Name officialy changed to “The Greater Fort Worth Builders Association”; Becky Olvier awarded Herman J. Smith Legend Award
1998 – Gary Sheffield installed as TAB President; Dallas joins 7th annual Spring Tour of Homes; Kristi Sutterfiled hired as Executive Officer
1999 – Ron Formby awarded Herman J. Smith Legend Award; Association rebuilds scam victims home as community service project
2000 – J.B. Sandlin presented with “Lifetime Achievement Award”; Tbe BA Education Foundation renamed “J.B. Sandlin Foundation”
2001 – Becky Oliver receives the Bill Polley BuildPAC Award; Barbara Hackett wins TAB Title Industry Professional Award
2002 – Doug Gilliland is elected TAB President; Kristi Sutterfield named TAB Executive Officer; Associate of the Year Award renamed “Rupert Pridemore Associate of the Year”; Ted Schlossman receives TAB Lifetime Achievement Award.
Kent Conine installed as NAHB President
2004 – Bob Bennet becomes Executive Officer; Womens Council created
2005 – 60th Anniversary celebrated
2008 – Association sells Brentwood Stair Road offices and moves to Liberty Bank Building
2010 – Jon Samson hired as Executive Officer; 20th Anniversary of Kaleidoscope of Homes
2011 – Association moves offices to Water Gardens Place in Fort Worth; Ted Schlossman inducted into the Texas Housing Hall of Honor; Bush Firm TAB Associate of the Year
2012 – Ted Schlossman awarded Herman J. Smith Legend Award; Association launches new website